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Reminders: Be Anchored

Reminders: Hebrews 6:19a | Eclectic Affinity #write31days

Pursuing goals can be hard. Not all the days are, but the days and weeks and months that are, are soul-crushing in ways that are difficult to explain. “Hope deferred” is a painful reality for the heart. I like The Message translation of that verse which phrases it “unrelenting disappointment.” When you start down this path, give yourself some grace because things often take time. Even the ark, commissioned by God, was built piece by piece. Big things don’t often materialize at the drop of a hat.

You might hear “no”—a lot.

More than “no,” you might hear…nothing.

Sometimes it really is a game of who you know.

You might not always get much moral support.

Your chasing after a goal might make other people feel (really, really) awkward, uncomfortable, resentful, antagonistic…

Your concept might refine and flourish as you go.

More than talent, you need tenacity.

There will be days it will all absolutely feel worth it.

There will be days it will seem absolutely not worth it.

In all of it, stay fixed on your ultimate goal because something much bigger is always happening even when our temporary goals and strivings aren’t coming to be.

If you don’t believe big things are possible with God, you risk never seeing big things happen in your life—because you’ve left no space for those things to happen. Faith is always a vulnerable prospect; it’s different than knowledge in that way. It puts you in a position that’s so very aware of needing God; and in that, it’s a vulnerable place to be because anytime we admit we can’t do it all, we admit our need for Someone to be all for us.

I’d rather, in good intentions, seek God’s call and fail than seek myself and succeed.

What might God do with one introverted artist/designer who has a heart for Him? Well, I don’t know—but I’ll certainly never know if I don’t step out in bold faith.

I get the reservation some have on interpretations of Noah and how literal all or parts of his story might be considered to be, but either way one risks being ridiculous for considering something is game-changing as resurrection.

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