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Reminders: Confident Hope

Reminders: Hebrews 11:1 | Eclectic Affinity #write31days

Before I was old enough tie my own shoes, I had told my mom “someday I’m going to be an artist with a briefcase.” She had a sense then that this was neither a fleeting ambition nor purely my own idea. From a really young age, I felt like God was beckoning my heart to be an artist—and that He’d fill in the details as to why later. As I got older, I started to feel like doing art had something to do with not just a job, but instead a calling. It didn’t make sense even to me. A lot of times even now, I wonder if it was all just a really dumb idea I got in my head. I really couldn’t tell you either way. If you were to get the most pragmatic (yes, even as a child) person you know…and put a paintbrush in her hand, that’s me. Yet I wanted to go to college to learn how to be a professional artist of some kind the way that some kids want to go to Disney World.

Mine was not a silver spoon household, so I also knew this was a big investment that I was about to take on. One would think that would have caused my parents to caution me in going the direction of an art degree, but they didn’t. Fact is, I felt cautioned all on my own. I was also interested in law, psychology, forensics, and even did well with biology, so I recall this one particular heart-to-heart with God that these were more practical-in-a-more-obvious-way majors to pursue. It wasn’t so much that I felt this fire and brimstone directive in response, it was simply like God was giving me a Father’s heart response saying “you could do these other things, and I won’t be angry if you do—but you’ll miss an adventure if you don’t trust Me on this.” Rarely do you hear someone look back on his or her life and say, “Ah, I wish I’d gone into investment banking.” I knew what my options were. I could do something like law or forensic psychology—or I could get an art degree. I took a deep breath and stepped out in faith as a declared art major.

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Hebrews 11:1 / Download free Bible verse printables & digital wallpapers | Eclectic Affinity Hebrews 11:1 / Download free Bible verse printables & digital wallpapers | Eclectic Affinity

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