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Reminders: Stand Your Ground

Reminders: Ephesians 6:13 | Eclectic Affinity #write31days

Consider Noah. Imagine this regular guy, and God asks him to build a big boat…with nowhere for it to foreseeably go…with no rain…and no storm clouds in sight. God gave him the plans, and he started building. If you think well-meaning people around you are hard to put up with in the duration of building whatever it is that you’re building, can you imagine what it would be like having your entire village come out to watch you do this seemingly moronic thing for their amusement?

In pop-culture parallels, I think of Noah as Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams. Getting scolded by the in-laws, getting stupid looks from the other farmers, all the while being fairly sure this is what he’s supposed to do…but no one else can wrap their head around it. Then he’s that guy—the one who, come Christmas, has a snow-covered ball diamond in his field, and a house full of party guest who maybe partly came to get an inside look at the town crazy, so they can take cheap shots at his expense or have something to gossip about at the local watering hole.

Everyone wants to be the guy who has a line of cars all driving toward what he built, but NO ONE wants to be the guy with a snow-covered ball diamond…in December…in the middle of an Iowa cornfield.

A person learns a lot about God, about one’s self, and about one’s truest friends being “that guy” though. Whether you realize it or not, knowing those things is a blessing. You need those people who, as our pastor has said, are “relentlessly for you.” And by that, relentlessly for you on God’s terms and no one else’s, because when anything apart from God’s heart and design is extended over another person it’s manipulation, not love. You need those people in your life who will not merely say they’ll pray for you, they’ll actually spend time on their knees on your behalf. You need people who will go ahead of you in prayer, not behind you in snide remarks or gossip. You need those people who will say to you “I am with you heart and soul.”

Perfect love has no fear because when love is sincere and guided by God’s love, it always multiplies, not divides. It doesn’t tear down to build itself up; instead it seeks to build others up. It doesn’t consider itself a limited resource that any one person could ever “win” the most of it. It could be said that in the way that fear is the opposite of faith, it’s also sometimes the opposite of love, too.

Having people who believe in the thing you’re building before they can see the “why” is such a big deal. Even if those people don’t understand what you’re doing, they love and support and pray for you during that winter season. To know you have people in your life who will stand by you, pray with you, and love you through anything is an incredible gift to receive.

But above all, God is the one who is always relentlessly for us. His approval is the only one worth seeking. It’s the only kind worth standing on.

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Ephesians 6:13 / Download free Bible verse printables & digital wallpapers | Eclectic AffinityEphesians 6:13 / Download free Bible verse printables & digital wallpapers | Eclectic Affinity

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  • Sarah Connatser

    This is such a good message and reminder! Thank you for these words!

    October 29, 2015 at 10:28 pm

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