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Reminders: We’re Made to Work Together

Reminders: Ecclesiastes 3:11 | Eclectic Affinity #write31days

Frankly, not every crazy idea is God’s calling, but when the calling God’s placed on your life looks different than the call He’s placed on another’s life, people like to point out the difference. Some appreciate the difference—the part you’re called to play in the song He’s conducting. Others will try to minimize or degrade it—a reaction sometimes caused by pride colliding with envy.

Sometimes those reactions from others are out of fear because they know that seeing you swim upstream (or at the very least, your attempt to swim) means that swimming upstream is possible. Sometimes those reactions are because we wrongly get the idea that God’s calling on each of His children looks identical or even that the reasons behind those different things are humanly comprehendible.

Whether everyone appreciates the difference in God’s leading in others’ lives, we’re all different parts in one body. Like different gears in a clock, it takes all of us to do His work; and God asks us to trust Him.

What God sees isn’t what we see.

God told Abraham he’d be the father of nations, yet before Abraham had his one, distinct, God-promised heir, he spent long years not being a parent. Joseph had dreams of grandeur, meanwhile spending years as a slave and then in prison after being falsely accused.

Where the world saw failure on ugly pieces of blood-stained wood—God saw a miracle of grace.

His miracle of grace.

God’s vision is beyond our comprehension. Our worth never expires in His eyes, and He’s always desiring to write His kids into the song He’s conducting. Where we see messy dots and lines on a page; God hears a symphony.

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Ecclesiastes 3:11 / Download free Bible verse printables & digital wallpapers | Eclectic AffinityEcclesiastes 3:11 / Download free Bible verse printables & digital wallpapers | Eclectic Affinity

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