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Eclectic Affinity is a lifestyle blog chronicling my adventures as an artist, designer, jewelry-maker, and entrepreneur. I write posts that range from tutorials to natural living as well as various perspectives and tips on starting and running one’s own business. I also feature some of my favorite finds, recipes, thoughts, and even some free printables and downloads. From time to time I also feature a behind-the-scenes look into what I do.

You can see more of my work here as well as Charm Design StudioBluebird Finery, and Pixelumina.

The concept of a lone favorite has mostly baffled me over the years. When prompted to list a singular favorite color, movie, art movement, decorating style, food, and so on, I’m at a loss for how to choose just one. This indecisive resolve is the inspiration behind the name Eclectic Affinity. Some things, yes, are easy. My mister and my munchkin easily fill my top picks for favorite people. However, when it comes to ideas and things, there are so many different ideas and things in the world that are worth enjoying and pursuing. An artist could no more settle on one singular color or a chef choose one singular ingredient when there’s a whole spectrum of colors and flavors to appreciate.

I began blogging in 2009. Formerly, I posted on twin blogs that coincided with each of my business websites, but I scrapped them in favor of a cohesive collection of my affinities. You could say that blogging is pretty much my contemporary outlet for doing and documenting the exact same sorts of things I did years ago as a kid in 4-H via exhibit goal cards or even as a fine arts major in college via technical notebooks. (Who knew the digital age would make those things come in handy?)

I appreciate you stopping by. If you like, follow along with what’s going on by keeping up with my social media accounts (links at the top of the page).

Have an amazing day!