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Fruit Soda Floats

Fruit Soda Floats | Eclectic Affinity

I confess. I’d love to be that person—the one with the homemade soda sitting in neat, little rows in a small corner of a beautifully organized walk-in pantry. In this alternate reality, there would be multiple varieties—like raspberry, lemonade, a blend of citrus flavors, and others. (This would pair nicely with the batches of different kinds of homemade ice cream, ice cream treats, and popsicles stored in a big freezer.) I’m not quite there yet, so my solution to a frozen treat was a fruit soda float with as short a list of pronounceable ingredients as I could find. This was inspired in part because a summer stand-by is often root beer or cream soda floats (we like this brand for those—available at your local co-op or here), and fruit soda floats seemed a fun alternative to those!

How to Make Single-Serving Iced Tea

How to Make Single-Serving Iced Tea | Eclectic Affinity


Making great iced tea is a cinch even if you don’t want (or are unable) to brew a large batch outside in the sun. How? You can easily make fresh, individual servings using a cocktail shaker. I learned this little trick when I worked as a barista while I was getting my business off the ground. (I’m pretty sure it’s somehow a prerequisite for artsy folks to have worked as a barista at some point in their life. There’s probably a rule book with that in it somewhere.)