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Supporting other makers is fun. I love artwork and designs that aren’t something I’d make myself—things made by someone else’s hands, techniques, and inspiration. This page is a work in progress, but it’s a collection of artists and their work that I’ve bought from, intend to buy from, want to buy for someone, or have on a wish list for someone to buy for me!

Check out the categories below to support them, too!


Kerri Norman Jewelry

Cheryl Shohet Designs

Jessica Prill

Scarlet A Design

Karla Rae Designs

Girl Meets Joy

Nervous System

Everyday Heirloom Co.

Drawings, Paintings, Prints, Mixed Media

Meredith Jane – Art at Heart

Octavia Bloom

Todd Voss


Rachel Vitko Pottery

DL Fenn


Steve Wewerka Photography

Antoine Ribaut – Deep Space Photography

North Shore Images