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What inspired your “Favorite Finds” & “Curated Confetti” posts?

Collecting information generally comes easily to me in part because I like noticing interesting things. Of the three personas in Gladwell’s archetype system, I suppose that puts me squarely in the “maven” category because after I learn something, I want to share the information if it’s helpful for someone else. It’s the same reason why I like to create tutorial posts—it’s sharing potentially useful information.

I’ve been noticing that while I really like creating singularly themed Favorite Finds posts, I also really enjoy consuming content that’s less structured and more like—

“Hey, here’s something that made me smile, this idea helped me organize my day, and this article I just read explained how to understand a thing. I thought I’d share all this stuff in case you like it, too. Also, here’s a cute shop, a great sale, and a video of a kitten.”

It finally dawned on me. That’s also how I share information in real life—kind of like a curated sprinkle of confetti. My “Favorites Finds” and “Curated Confetti” posts are essentially if BuzzFeed product recommendations met the old Gooseberry Patch catalogs with all the illustrated products (remember those?!) but were presented more like a feature in Real Simple. Some featured items are things I’ve really bought or have tried, used, etc. Others are things I’d buy or do if I could budget the time or money for it. I also keep a highlight reel of shoppable finds featured on my Shop My Favorite Finds page.


If your product has been featured and you’re interested in utilizing one of my illustrations of it in something, message me to ask! In many (but not all) instances I will probably happily agree, especially if you’re a very small business or if you’re someone with whom I have an affiliate relationship. (For other situations, I might want to discuss terms of use, which is why I ask that you ask me first and also that you tag my blog in shared images.


If you’d LIKE for your product to be featured, check out my advertising page to learn more


If you’re looking for custom illustrations, you’re welcome to contact me here to discuss.