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Opinions are my own. Anything I write, post, share, or include as a download is NOT intended to take the place of the care or supervision of trained professionals including (but not limited to) a trained physician, a professional business advisor, lawyer, pastor, mentor, life coach, etc. One would think all this goes without saying, but understand that employing any of the topics I discuss without the supervision of a qualified professional is at your own risk. Additionally, views expressed here do not reflect and/or do not represent that of any clients, employers, or affiliates past or present.



Unless otherwise stated, products and services mentioned in posts are purchased by me, not paid endorsements. In other instances, in order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to products or services from this blog. (Please note that I only endorse products that are in alignment with what I believe would be of value to my readers and/or are something I use myself or recommend.)

Posts may contain affiliate links to products I use and/or think are really neat. Read which places I’ve partnered with here. This means that I make a small commission off your purchase, but it does not impact your price in any way. It’s simply a no-hassle way to support Eclectic Affinity by purchasing something that you would anyway. That being said, there are plenty of links which I don’t and never will make a dime off of posting, I simply like a product or service and share the information.

Placed ads are additional ways that Eclectic Affinity (an operation of Charm Design Studio, LLC.) may profit from views and clicks on the blog. Products and services pertaining to any of my businesses are obviously subject to rendering income to me through those sales. Thanks for supporting Eclectic Affinity!

*A note about reviews, recommendations, and endorsements: Understand that while I may endorse or otherwise recommend a product, service, brand, or so on, that does not necessary mean I endorse the entire entity now or in the future. I put a lot of consideration into what I do pass on as information within this blog, but it would be impossible for me to stay abreast of or agree with absolutely all current or future goings-on or affiliations of most products, services, or entities. Plenty of good brands sell out or turn out to be less than advertised; that’s why it’s so important to continue researching.


Comment Policies

No different than inviting a guest into my living room, this is a place I pay for, maintain, and like to keep clean. I don’t deny anyone’s right to an opinion, but the fact remains that this sphere is my space. Therefore, I reserve the right to delete and/or close comments of my choosing in an effort to keep undue stress and comment war tedium from swallowing up the recesses of my day. Additionally, spam will not be tolerated.


Sources & Credits

It’s important to me that sources to items, bodies of work, etc. are credited via link and/or written notice to thus attribute the origination of all sourced content featured on Eclectic Affinity. Images and content are used under the Fair Use Doctrine. If you have additional credit information or would like an image(s) removed, please email me at


Eclectic Affinity Content

I appreciate links to Eclectic Affinity, but ask that posts and content not be duplicated in verbatim and that a link back to the original post as well as any and all applicable credit information (e.g. website, portfolio link, etc.) be included. If you’re interested in learning more about permissions for illustrations from Favorite Finds or Curated Confetti posts, read more here.

As a courtesy, please always contact and credit featured artists/designers/photographers before re-posting their work on your blog or social accounts.


Downloadable Files

Files are for personal use only; use without permission is strictly prohibited. You may NOT claim files as your own; this includes, but is not limited to, such actions as selling, manipulating the original files, redistributing files, or otherwise profiting from files obtained through this blog. This also means you may not have files from Eclectic Affinity as a download directly on your site. You may, however, link to Eclectic Affinity for others to download files here. By downloading and/or using these files, you agree to these terms. Violation of these terms infringes on our copyrighted work. For any questions on use, contact me via email at

I’d love to see pics of how you use the files (e.g., how your kids colored something)!


Privacy Policy

Eclectic Affinity does not share or sell identifiable personal information obtained on this website, except as required by law. Unidentifiable personal information may be shared with advertisers regarding readership demographics.

Technical information is collected by third-party commercial software systems (e.g. Google Analytics) including, but not limited to, the IP address from which you access Eclectic Affinity, search engine terms used to find Eclectic Affinity, the browser type and operating system used, the date and time the site was accessed, pages and outbound links visited, and links from third-party websites used to arrive here. When you post a comment to Eclectic Affinity, the following information is collected: your IP address, name, email address, and your website (if provided).