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Affiliate marketing—and marketing in general—can have a contextually icky vibe to me sometimes. Since marketing is kind of a cousin to graphic design, in real life I explain marketing in this way that follows:

When done well, marketing is match-making. When done poorly (as is often the case), it’s lying and manipulation.

That second one, I loathe. I want it to be clear what is or isn’t something I could potentially profit from while also making clear why I would choose to participate in affiliate marketing.

Blogging takes a lot of time. No, really—a LOT of time. I do it primarily because I enjoy having a space to share projects and collaborate with others, but it’s also a way I can share (and, yes, promote) my studio’s various business endeavors. (I’m the face working behind the computer of this, this, and this—and one of the faces behind the camera for this). Because artists do what they can to not proverbially and otherwise “starve,” affiliate marketing is one more way to try to squeeze a few dimes into my family’s income stream. Mostly, I blog about projects, thoughts, business advice, and things that might be helpful to readers who happen upon my blog—like free printables. In addition to all that, I sometimes share things I’ve bought, want to buy, and so on. (You can read my policies page for an overview of ad policies.)

With all that in mind, if it wasn’t clear within the specific posts in my blog, here is a work-in-progress list of which businesses I’ve partnered with their affiliate program along with why I approached them. If ever someone else initiates an affiliate relationship, that will show up here as well. (Some of these are from old sidebar ads I’ve since stopped using.)

fashionABLE” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>fashionABLE — This company is amazing. I admire their business model so very, very much. What’s more is that their products are gorgeous. When gorgeous meets doing good in the world, it’s a beautiful thing.

Blick — This store is one of the reasons I hoped I’d one day be a professional artist/designer on any level because as a kid I wanted to be able to someday go to Blick and buy all the art supplies I’d ever need!

Printful — Like the name sounds, they specialize in print production and fulfillment. In addition to selling products through their service, I’m also appreciative of other artists, designers, or makers who find my review helpful and want to support me and my blog through signing up via my referral.

Mountain Rose Herbs — I think they offer an amazing selection of quality, organic, bulk spices, herbs, and natural body care ingredients. I use their products and am really impressed.

Shop for non-toxic products and create a healthy home” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Mighty Nest — Home products matter, and unfortunately, so many are made with chemicals and coatings that more and more research is suggesting is not safe and could have longterm implications on health. Frankly, the “what’s not safe” category changes so much that it’s hard to keep up with. These folks do all that for me. That matters to me.

Thrive Market — Unless you’re in a major metropolitan area, it’s hard to get access to a lot of the natural and organic brands you’d love to see in your pantry. This is like your local co-op meets Amazon Prime in that orders past a certain dollar amount get free shipping. I still support my local co-op, but a lot of what I typically buy there are things I’d never be able to get online like local brands and perishable produce, eggs, meat, and dairy. Your membership also sponsors a low-income family.

Amazon — I’m an Amazon Prime member. I know; it gets a bad rap for being everything wrong with commerce. Hear me out. I like shopping local and small, but I also don’t like the vibe that gets thrown out there that shopping “big” is inherently and equivocally “bad” all of the time (more on that here.) I’m also a busy mom and entrepreneur. I love the free shipping option, having every-day items that I don’t have easy access to otherwise, and the ability for it to be shipped to me quickly. I go back and forth on the morality of it. Someday I might nix it. For now I use it though.

Mommypotamus — She tests her skincare recipes so that you don’t end out with a dud. (If you’re ever tried a DIY facial mask online that didn’t turn out…you know what I’m talking about when I say “dud.”)

If you’ve enjoyed one of my printables or something I wrote, clicking on one of these affiliate links is one way to support me on this blog. Thank you! I appreciate it!