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The Un-Guide to the Enneagram

The Unfair, Over-Generalized (But Still Kinda True) Un-Guide to the Enneagram / Design and words © Charm Design Studio

In the process of making a set of Enneagram vector graphics for sale, I ended out making this satirical un-guide. Understanding the Enneagram has a bit of a learning curve compared to other personality typing systems, but it’s pretty fascinating. Whereas other systems focus on describing people, it could be said that the Enneagram focuses on what motivates people and how that plays into their actions, whether toward or away from personal growth. To be clear, this un-guide is SATIRE—more like a funny caricature than a portrait, and it doesn’t account for “wings” or “subtypes.” (So, no tomato throwing please.) If you’re having trouble figuring out your type though, a caricature might help you narrow down the features that are easiest to recognize. Plus, it might be good for a laugh!