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Why No One Wants a Naked Cupcake

Why No One Wants a Naked Cupcake // Eclectic Affinity

Long before I started my own business or even had a degree in design, I noticed something interesting. People (in general) like art and design, but they often don’t value it enough to feel it ought to be a paid service. To them, it’s “extra.” It’s like the frosting on a cupcake. Sometimes even, people are put off that you’d even think you ought to be paid. Some haggle over it, considering that neither art nor design requires energy or effort. In that sense, occupations within that spectrum sometimes get treated like a novelty public service you’re obligated to perform, rather than a legitimate occupation that takes time, skill, and decision-making.

Reminders: Be Anchored

Reminders: Hebrews 6:19a | Eclectic Affinity #write31days

Pursuing a dream can be hard. Not all the days are, but the days and weeks and months that are, are soul-crushing in ways that are difficult to explain. “Hope deferred” is a painful reality for the heart. I like The Message translation of that verse which phrases it “unrelenting disappointment.” When you start down this path, give yourself some grace because things often take time. Even the ark, commissioned by God, was built piece by piece. Big things don’t often materialize at the drop of a hat.